Perfect Summer Vacation Destinations in India with Family

Family time is the most precious time for everyone. Everyone wishes to create the best memories during the stay with family. Everyone is so busy in his life that only the vacation time is considered to be the period of relaxation. Summer vacation is considered the best family time in India, during this period people plan to travel. Deciding on the summer vacation destination is quite a tough business because the climate is harsh in most part of the countries. People they switch to cold places where they can get some sort of relief from the scorching heat.

In this article, we are going to highlight the best summer vacation destinations in India, which could make it the most memorable family time for you. Just check out these places and these places would definitely provide you the pleasure you are looking out for.

Mussoorie- Dehradun: Uttrakhand is the land of beauty. If you want to spend your holidays at a peaceful place where you can spend quality time with your family, then head to Mussoorie. This is a beautiful hill station situated only few kilometers away from Dehradun, which again is a peaceful place for family holidays.

Bhimtaal- Nainitaal: Another destination in Uttrakhand that could provide the complete charm to your holidays is Bhimtaal and Nainitaal. You can head to these destinations to experience the best family time with those who secure the most special position in your heart.

Shimla- Manali: If Uttrakhand is not in your list then head towards the adjacent state Himachal Pradesh. Shimla and Manali are the two destinations that could provide you the ultimate pleasure that you are looking for with your loved ones.

Coorg: Head to Coorg because this is the ultimate place in India which is denoted as the Scotland of the East. You would definitely lose yourself in the beauty of the place and hence could get the best experience of lifetime here.

Kerala: A place known for its serene beauty is Kerala and definitely it is the place where you should head with your beloved family members to have the best and the most memorable time with them.

Sikkim-Darjeeling: In the north eastern part of India there are two destinations that you should never ever miss. For the perfect summer vacations head towards Sikkim and Darjeeling as these two places would provide you what you are exactly looking for.

Head towards, these beautiful and ultimate destinations in India for memorable summer vacations. These places would surely provide the lifetime experience to you and your loved ones.

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10 Best Airport Hacks

Airport is the happiest place ever, especially for the travelers. Flying from a place to another in the shortest span of time is possible with flights only. Well, travelling brings fun and pleasure both but this happens when you follow the decorum of the same. Point here is not travelling but point here is travelling safe and happy. It is every traveler’s desire that his trip should end up with memories and moments and not the regrets and mishaps. This is a reason, it is suggested to act smart and travel smartest. In our series of travel tips, we are here suggesting here ten best airport hacks that would surely make your travel convenient and memorable too.

Check Information about Destination Airport Prior: You might be familiar with your home airport but not about the destination airport. It would be an additional benefit for you to explore the city better.

Put Ziploc Bag in Luggage: You should carry Ziploc bag with you in your luggage. This will help in keeping safe the perishable items so that, it may not disturb other things.

Buy Travel Size Items: If you want to avoid the unnecessary problems and unwanted load too then it would be better for you to carry the travel size items. Whether shampoo, toothpaste, soap, or any other thing; having travel pack of the same would be helpful.

Pre Check-In to Avoid Delays: Doing web check-in would help you to save the extra time at airport and hence you would be able to deal with the situations easily and of course would save your time too.

Find Best Seats: Finding seats with extra leg room would help you to enjoy your comfortable journey. You can request the airline staff or get it at some nominal fees too.

Snap Photo of Parking Space: In case you are travelling with your vehicle, then taking a snap of parking space would help you to spot the vehicle while you return back.

Hydrate Yourself: The most important thing for flight journey is that, you should hydrate yourself very well.

Pre-Book Meal: Enjoy your meal at flight and that too at the discounted rates. This you can get by pre-booking your meal.

Weigh Bag at Home to Avoid Extra Charges: You have to pay for the extra Kg’s at airport and hence to avoid the same, it would be great for you to weigh the bag at home.

Secure Your Baggage with Trackers: Airport is the place where there is a higher probability of losing your baggage, hence it is required that you should secure it with trackers so that, you may easily find the same.

These are the most important airport hacks which are presented to you by Rover Holidays. You can contact us for your safe and peaceful holidays in India or anywhere across the world too.

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Most Useful Tips for Planning Tranquil Honeymoon in Andaman

Planning for your honeymoon in Andaman? Well, a destination in India which is not less than any other foreign destination because of its beauty, cleanliness and peace is definitely Andaman and Nicobar islands. Being a very beautiful and attractive destination, it is one amongst the first choice of the newlywed. Indians as well as foreigner couples prefer to choose Andaman and Nicobar islands as their honeymoon destination.

Well, the place is beautiful and so as the peace of the place, getting attracted towards it is definitely but obvious but everything about planning holidays at Andaman is not that easy. As compared to other destinations in country, planning holiday at the place is difficult and that too honeymoon. Here we are with few of the best tips that would definitely help you out in planning a tranquil holidays at Andaman.

Plan Yourself: If you really want to make it memorable and don’t want to miss the best parts of this tranquil island then plan the things from your own end. Planning your honeymoon to Andaman by self would help you to have the best excursion of the place.

Include Adventurous Activities: Romance is definitely the best part of honeymoon but if you are heading to Andaman and Nicobar islands for your honeymoon then you should include some adventurous activities too. Scuba diving, snorkeling are few of the things you should not miss when you are here with your life partner.

Experience Food: Well a solitude island can give you so much when it comes to food. Not only sea food is the option you can taste here, along with this at Andaman you can taste the cuisine of almost all the parts of the world. So there is definitely not a dearth of food choices at Andaman.

These are few of the most important tips while planning for honeymoon trip at Andaman. To be at the safest side, if you are really not aware about the things, it would be a better option to take the services from a trusted local tour operator in Andaman for Honeymoon tours. Make your honeymoon memorable and cherish the good time with your partner at this serene destination.

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Safety Tips for Andaman Tour

Heading to Andaman and Nicobar islands for your perfect holiday experience? Well, your decision of choosing Andaman as your travel destination is definitely appreciable because it is one amongst the best locations in India to experience the perfect and memorable holidays with loved ones. Whether you are here for the solo trip or heading to the place for your honeymoon period; in every case and in every aspect this is the perfect place to enjoy best time in the lap of nature.

Definitely, Andaman is a beautiful place but every beautiful thing has some restrictions and the same goes with this island too. Traveling to Andaman is safe indeed but there are certain tips that a traveler needs to follow in order to make it the safest ever travel experience at the place and we are mentioning them below.

Hire Trusted Local Tour Operator: To have the safest and happy touring at Andaman it would be a much better option to hire a trusted local tour operator who could provide you with the best travel experience of the city so that you can collect the memories that could be cherished for lifetime.

Save Emergency Contact Number: It is always better to be prepared for the emergencies than to get stuck at the things. You should save the emergency contact numbers so that any emergency could be met perfectly.

Check Weather Reports: Travelling to Andaman is always a risky affair when it comes to weather of the place. You should always check the weather forecast before planning and moreover should have a backup plan to meet up with the emergency needs too.

Check Out for Local Contact: Andaman is definitely not a travel destination which is connected with all other parts of the country, hence while planning for a trip to the place you have to be much cautious about the safety. Checking out for local contact if you could find any; would be an additional benefit for you.

Secure Luggage: Your safety is on your own hands and this is what goes with your luggage too. You should secure your luggage and be more cautious for the same because at the unknown island you cannot get help all the time.

These are few of the best travel tips that would make your stay at Andaman and Nicobar islands the safest one. Do follow the same and definitely you can collect the best memories from this tranquil island.

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Where to Head After Board Exams of Your Child

March is the most crucial time for students and especially those who have their board exams. Board examinations are considered to be the turning point of a child’s career and hence more than the children their parents are concerned for the same. Lighting the atmosphere after the hectic and crucial board examinations every student needs a break and so does the parents. Heading to a relaxing destination is the great way out to relieve the stress of the same.
If your child is also giving the board examinations this year and you wish to do something to bring back the freshness in them then here we are mentioning few amazing destinations in India where you can go after board exams of your child.
Andaman: Andaman and Nicobar islands which is now famed as the top honeymoon destination in India is also a place where you can have the perfect holiday gateway with your family. There are many adventurous activities that your child can do there, that would definitely make the stay pleasant at the place.
Kerala: The backwaters of Kerala are definitely romantic, but holidays here with your child would be like the complete package of peace. There can be no other destination in India which could be as relaxing as Kerala hence will serve as the best place to head after the board exams of your child.
North East: Go to north eastern part of India, here you would get the ultimate peace of mind close to nature of course. Each and every part of north east is great and worth visiting with your family. Shillong, Darjeeling, Sikkim, Arunachal, Nagaland, Assam, are the destinations you should not miss.
Kashmir: If there is a heaven on earth then it is Kashmir. Known for the gorgeous locations, houseboats, and Dryfruits, this is a destination in India that would not disappoint you when you would head to the place with your loved ones.
These are few of the best suggestions from our side for the March vacations. These are the best March destinations in India and apart from this are known for their serene beauty and providing the best atmosphere for family holidays. Heading to the place with your kids would turn out to be a happiest decision for you as well as your family.

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5 Best March Destinations in India

India is a country that offers the best travel opportunity to travelers with different interest. Considering the different months for travelling in India, every time of the year is meant for special destinations. Yes, you are right. If you travel like that only without considering the travel time or the ideal season for travelling a destination then from now you should.
Considering the month while making the travel plans would always help because in this way you would be able to explore the best of the destination. In this regard only, we are highlighting the best March destinations where you should head this time to see and explore the best beauty of the place.
Kashmir: Head to this heaven on earth during March because it is the best time when you can peacefully see and explore the true beauty of the place. If it is your family vacation then you would have the best experience at the place. In case, you are here for honeymoon travels then it would be a pleasant stay for you and your partner.
North East: You should move towards north eastern part of India to see the beauty of the area on March. Why we are considering March as the best time to visit the place is because the pleasant weather of the place during the month would definitely support your desires of perfect holiday gateway.
Rajasthan: The only desert in India which is one amongst the most fascinating destinations in India is Rajasthan. The state has hot and humid temperature hence March is the best season to be here with your loved ones. To have the best holiday time at the place, head to the destination in the month of March, head to Rajasthan. You can witness the great Holi celebration and could create the best memories for lifetime.
Kerala: One place in India which is the best destination for March is Kerala. It is called as god’s own country and it is all because of the scenic beauty of the place. Heading to the destination, you could always find an ultimate peace of mind.
These are the best destinations for March, where you should head in India with your loved ones. Taking the services from a verified tour operator in India for the same would always help you in the best manner.

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North India vs. South India: Which is best to Travel?

India the land of ancient civilization is definitely there is no doubt stating the same. There is never a dearth of options for the travelers. As India is a very vast country hence exploring it in limited time frame would not be possible. More than a year of time is required to explore the country and definitely no traveler has this much time. Hence, considering the concept of maximum exploration in minimum time, it is required to decide on the destinations. Now, there comes the question where to head in India.

Though India is divided into four parts but from tourism point of view basically India is divided into two sections one is north India and the second one is south India. These two are the two basic division of India. Now, which part to explore if you can only explore one? We are here presenting few facts that will make your decision right.

Convenience: The first concern of every traveler is the convenience of reaching the place. As compared to north India, south is pretty much convenient to reach. Not all the parts but there are certain parts of north India where still there are no proper means of commuting and hence it can create a problem to them.

Expenses: This has been recently revealed in a research that southern part of India is cheaper for the travelers than the northern region. However there are few destinations like Andaman and Nicobar Island and Goa that would be slightly high on pocket but at the same time there are places in North like Leh and Ladakh which is similar in expenses as their counterparts in south India.

Culture: India is known for its culture. This land of ancient civilization definitely has much to give to the travelers. The vast culture of the country is definitely something to explore but if you want to be particular then visit South India, there is much more for you to explore.

Safety: From safety point of view, the recent researches have revealed that south India is much safer for travelers and that too particularly women travelers and international tourist. So, if you are travelling solo or it is your first visit to India then head towards south.

Locals: You can find friendly locals all over India. When there is a comparison then head towards south, you will find much-cooperative and friendly locals.

As per us, you should head towards South. We are not saying that northern part of India is not good but if you are being particular then south will give you more.

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6 Places You Should Never Miss on Your South India Tour

If you are wondering about the authentic travel experience of India then southern part of the country is something that you should never ever miss.       South India is totally different from the other parts of the country. You can smell the aroma of authentic Indian culture and tradition here. And, along with this the place will not stop to mesmerize you with its beauty. So, in a broad sense, you are going to get the best at South India. While on your trip to the place, you may come around many options and choices and this may raise confusion. For your perfect itinerary, we are here with the 6 best places in south India that you should never miss on the tour. So, have a look at the places.

Hampi, Karnataka: The last capital of Vijaynagar dynasty is amongst the top historical destinations in India. It has some extremely captivating ruins, intriguingly intermingled with large boulders that rear up all over the landscape. With this, there are great options for trekking and hiking, so if you are visiting the place with your gang you are surely going to have fun.

Kerala Backwaters: A romantic destination that you should never miss to visit in Kerala backwaters. Stay at the houseboat for a couple of days and embrace the warmth of nature.

Varkala, Kerala: The long and widening view of stretch and cliff at the Varkala beach Kerala makes it not less than a fairy tale. The best think that will make you to visit the place is that, it is one amongst the best beaches in India.

Madurai, Tamil Nadu: The Meenakshi Temple in Madurai is the heart and soul of the place. If your only desire is to admire the real beauty of south Indian temple then head towards the place it will fulfill all your wishes.

Pondicherry: This Dutch capital of India is amongst the most colorful places in India you should not miss to visit. It retains a distinctly French flavor and provides a delightful break.

Rameshawaram, Tamil Nadu:  It is a peaceful town of Tamil Nadu and a very famous Hindu place of pilgrimage as well. The scenic beauty of this place is what makes it the most beautiful destination in south India.

To ensure that you have the best stay at South India, you should contact a reliable local South India tour operator and let him to make the perfect itinerary for you that would meet up with your requirements well.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Head to Andaman Instead of Goa with Your Gang

When we look at the travel destinations, we classify them as per the interest of the travelers. Like a romantic destination is meant for couples, a religious place is best for the old aged people, an adventurous place is meant for youth and so on. When it comes to the most happening place for the youth for party and enjoyment fun then one very common name that comes out is Goa. Yes, Goa is the dream destination of almost every youth of India; a place, where he or she wants to go with his or her gang. Isn’t it the same with you as well?

Well, Goa is a happening location of India. This smallest state of India has so much to provide to the travelers, from magnificent beaches to romantic roads to beautiful viewpoints; it is definitely a location where one could cherish the best moments of youth life with gang. But, if we would say that we have some other fantastic location for you, where you can have more fun than Goa then would you believe.

Yes, you have to believe in this because we are telling you about one such wonderful location in India that is more beautiful than Goa and it is Andaman. Yes Andaman and Nicobar is the place where you should now head with your gang and if you are looking for the reasons then here they are.

Gives Feeling of an International Destination: Well, if you always wish to travel international with your gang but not everyone has a passport then don’t worry, head towards Andaman. This is a place that will give you the perfect feeling of an international destination.

Clean and Peaceful Surrounding: The clean and peaceful surrounding at Andaman is definitely something that grabs the attention of most of the travelers. When you will compare it with Goa, you will find it even more beautiful and yes peaceful too. Not much crowded with travelers, this is a destination that will provide you ultimate pleasure.

Various Adventurous Sports: A place where you can do various adventurous sports is Andaman. Whether parasailing, scuba diving, paragliding, or anything else, this is s a place meant for adventurous sports and definitely your gang will like and appreciate that.

Secluded Beaches: Goa is all about beaches and this is why you want to go there, but Andaman is all about secluded beaches. Peaceful and clean beaches of Andaman have no comparison with the crowded ones at Goa.

Foodies Delight: This is a place for the foodies. If you want to taste the authentic cuisine of different parts of the world then head towards Andaman because this place would definitely provide you with the same.

So, you are thinking to change your gang trip location to Andaman. Head towards the place and you will get what you truly deserve. For a best experience you can contact a local Andaman tour operator and go for a convenient mode to explore the place.

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5 Best January Honeymoon Destinations in India

Honeymoon is the best time for the couples to know well each other. The stay of couple of days or more at a beautiful destination is meant to add memories to life and also meant to strengthen the newly made bond of relationship. January is considered to be the coldest month of the year in India, especially in consideration to the northern parts of the country. In the cold and cozy weather spending a quality time with loved ones is, all what one needs. Deciding on the honeymoon destination is always a tough task for the couples because this is the first step of their relationship and no one wants to make it a mess by selecting a wrong destination.

As per the season, one is supposed to decide on the travel destination and this is what should be followed for honeymoon travel as well. Here are the five best January honeymoon destinations in India, you should check out.

Andaman: Andaman and Nicobar islands is the most beautiful destination for honeymooning especially for the month of January. You can spend a good quality time with your love enjoying your stay in the land of love and romance. The turquoise water and the beautiful beaches would add more love and romance to your travel.

Goa: If you are really looking for a fun loving destination for honeymooning the head to Goa. January is considered to be the peak season to visit the place and definitely the romantic environment of the state will add on more romance to your newly wedded life.

Kerala: God owns country is really a beautiful place to head towards your new life. Kerala is the beauty of south India. There is no dearth of travel options here and with your consideration to romantic destinations; you will find several great options.

Jaipur: The Pink City of India is always the best place to visit in India. Especially in consideration to the January destinations, this is the time when you can explore the beauty of this capital of Rajasthan very well.

Udaipur: A very romantic destination in India also known as Lake City of India, Udaipur is definitely a pleasurable place where you can spend best quality time with your partner and could build a good foundation of new relationship.

These are the five best January destinations in India especially in consideration with honeymoon. Consulting a trusted tour operator for booking the itinerary would ensure your safe and happy stay at the place.

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