5 Things to Do When in Kerala

It’s more than six hundred years that Kerala has been a famous tourist destination in India. The place enchants the visitors and this is a reason why it never experiences the dearth of travelers. There are many a things to be done here in this God’s Own Country. If you are planning for a trip to Kerala then we are mentioning here five most important things that you should do during your stay here. These are definitely the things that you should not miss out in your stay at this land of Ayurveda.

Cruise the Backwaters: Kerala is counted as one amongst the most popular destination for the honeymooners in India. If there is something that describes Kerala tourism in best way then definitely it is cruise ride in Kerala backwaters. The turquoise lakes, coconut plantation and the placid lagoons; are the beautiful scenes and the perfect treat for eyes.

Lose Yourself in Serene Beauty of Munnar: Munnar tea gardens are the best things to capture in Kerala. Once you will be here you would lose yourself completely in its beauty. This very beautiful hill station of Kerala gives the direct completion to the ones at north India.

Capture Kochi’s Fishing Net in Lenses: The Chinese fishing net at Kochi is definitely something you should not miss out in Kerala trip. The mesmerizing view at the Chinese fishing net is something worth capturing in the camera lenses.

Enjoy Beaching at Varkala:  If you are at Kerala to enjoy your perfect vacations with something worth collecting memories of fun then visit the Varkala beach. This is definitely a place where you would love to spend your time with your loved ones. The sapphire waters of Arabian Sea would make it the most mesmerizing moment for you.

Feel Ayurveda: If apart from its beautiful destinations Kerala is known for something then its Ayurveda. There are many Ayurvedic spas across Kerala which would provide you the complete relaxation and peace of mind. Feel your senses come alive with an invigorating Panchakarma session, or pamper those knotty sinews with a revitalizing aromatherapy or herbal massage.

These are the five things that you should not miss on your trip to Kerala. Plan your perfect Kerala holiday with trustworthy south India tour operator. Asking quotations from many companies you can get the best deal in your travel.

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Things You Should Never Do in Your Goa Holidays

It’s every gang’s dream to visit Goa. The most beautiful place in India known well for its beaches and nightlife is a destination for almost everyone in India and also for the foreigners here. A place which is all meant for fun and pleasure is Goa definitely. Travelers from all around the world turn towards this smallest state of India, to have their best vacation memories. If you are also planning to go to Goa for your vacations then this article is surely something you should read before stepping into this state. We are telling you few things you should not do in Goa during your stay there. We are repeating you should never because doing so could lead you to problems.

Littering: Be a responsible traveler and don’t litter when you are in Goa, this is the rule one of the game. Littering is an offence when you are in Goa, so if you don’t want to put yourself in any trouble then make sure that you do not do this act there.

Carrying Too Much Cash: To remain at the safest side during your fun trip at Goa make sure not to carry valuables with you. Carry the limited amount of cash with you as Goa has many working ATMs to fulfill your need all the time.

Pointing Camera: Goa is a photographer’s paradise, so if you are in Goa then make sure that you capture your personal photo and not the random photos of tourist roaming in and around because it can be an offensive affair here.

Staring: Goa is a place well known for its beaches, so finding beauties in and around Goa is a common affair. But, do not drool over your eyes over such things because staring at Goa can cost you much.

Going Topless: Going topless in public and that too in Goa, if you are thinking that it would work then it is not going to in any case. Don’t try this act because it can also lead you to jail.

Drink and Drive: Don’t think to drink and drive in Goa because this can cost you much. If you really want to have a peaceful stay then try avoiding the driving when you are high.

So, these are few of the best tips from our side that would definitely help you to have the peaceful stay in Goa. Follow the points and have a peaceful ever stay at the place with your gang. Taking the assistance from a reliable south India tour operator would also give the best direction to your travel goals.

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5 Best Places to Visit in India this December

The year is finally at its end and with this there is the planning to make it the most unforgettable event of the year. People throughout the world, work hard rest of the year and they enjoy their life in the last month. Travelling in December is one amongst the favourite activities of people and it is because of the Christmas break and the excitement for the upcoming year. Travelling in India is the most desirable experience for the people not only from the same country but also for those who come to visit the charm of the place.

On this last month of the year, if you are also out there with your travel plans then you should go ahead and make it the reality of the year for you. There is definitely no dearth of options to visit in India but considering the particular season and the particular month of the year, there are some restrictions. For the much better convenience of yours, we are here with the list of five such places in India, where you can have the best holiday blast and that too in the month of December.

Kerala: Head towards Kerala, if you really wish to make it your unforgettable tour. You can contact a good and reliable tour operator for Kerala tour package that would make it the best event for you. The perfect weather condition would support your desires for sure.

Andaman: The last corner of India, Andaman and Nicobar is always the best place to visit. If you are particular about the month of December then there cannot be any other destination which could support your need more than this.

Goa: Go Goa, if you are fun living person and are looking for the perfect December gateway there. No place in India can be as perfect as Goa particularly for December. Have a fantastic New Year blast there and create memories.

Rajasthan: Rajasthan is always the best place in India to visit. To have the best time with your loved ones and that too in the freezing December month, this place would provide you the perfect soothing weather.

Madhya Pradesh: One another very particular destination in India, where you should head for December month is Madhya Pradesh. This place has no dearth of options and hence would be the best destination to spend your quality time.

So, these are the few best suggestions from our side that you can implement to make the December very special for you and your loved ones travelling with you.

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5 Luxurious Travel Trends in Context with Present Time

With the passage of time, everything changes its meaning and also the form. We are the generation which is witnessing the maximum change and it is because of the invasion of technology in everything. Everything in and around are changing and so does it is happening with travel too. Travelling is definitely not a new concept of life but it is a part of life. People do explore different places due to their own interest, few want adventure in travelling whereas few want to keep it peaceful in the lap of nature and few just want to create memories for lifetime.

As discussed above, the trend of travelling changing, in this very interesting article we are going to tell you how. If you are a traveler then you must be aware with the same and in case you are not then definitely the luxurious travel trend would make you to travel in the way.

Experiences above Everything: In the earlier times, travelling means visiting a place and hen heading back with a bag full of souvenirs for loved ones. The trend has changed a lot, now there are hardly travelers who believe in the concept and just collect the memories and experiences and not the things.

Social Media Check-Inn’s: Social media has become an integral part of our life. For everything that we do and that we prefer to do, it is social media that knows it well. The modern trend of travelling is much intact with social media. To create buzz around the social circle people don’t forget to mention their travel in social media account.

Places less Visited: People now prefer to travel to the offbeat locations more. In the earlier times, there was a trend of visiting the popular localities, but it has been changed now. Going to the places away from the prime location is what defines the new way of exploring and travel.

Home Stay: Luxury hotels are not in bucket list of hard core travelers. Now home stays are considered to be the best place for having the perfect and peaceful living at the destination and definitely people are creating good memories by that.

Simplicity: Simplicity is what people now prefer in their travel. Other than doing something wild and adventurous, sitting at the window of hotel and admiring the beauty of nature is what trending form is.

These are few of the best things that people are experimenting with their travel and undoubtedly they are achieving success in that too. Road less taken, home stays, peace, and simplicity is what defining travel in context with present time.

This informative article is presented by Rover Holidays. This Kerala based travel company provides all India tour packages at cheap rates. Known for its Andaman and Kerala holidays the company is much popular amongst the travel community.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Head to Andaman At Least Once in Your Life

One place in India with beauty undefined is definitely Andaman and Nicobar islands. A place with no dearth of nature’s beauty is Andaman. Though sea and air is the only way to land to the island but still travelers prefer to go there. It is the dream destination of many and many just make a plan and could not go there. If you are also amongst those who desperately want to visit Andaman then we are here with four such reasons that why you should be there. Though there can be many things that could tempt you towards the destination but definitely the points that we are mentioning here would make your choice even firm and strong. Here are the four such reasons that why heading to Andaman should be in your travel bucket list.

Sunset At Most Beautiful Radhanagar Beach:  Radhanagar beach at Andaman and Nicobar islands is something that you should never miss out for. If you are looking for the reasons why you should be there then for sure Radhanagar beach is the answer to that. The first strong justification for you to be at the place is definitely Asia’s best beach the Radhanagar beach.

Adventure Sports at Elephant Beach: If you are an adventurous person then elephant beach is the place in Andaman that would fulfill your cravings for the same. The place is best known for it’s adventurous activities whether it is enjoying the coral reefs or swimming with the elephants; this place is definitely going to provide you once in a lifetime experience for everything.

Banana Boat Ride at Havelock:  If you are still looking for another option to be at Andaman that you would not find anywhere then it is Banana boat ride at Havelock. The sharpest turns during the ride would fill you with complete adventure and fun and for sure; you would enjoy the same.

Capture Vijaynagar Beach in Your Lenses: In case you are the admirer of nature and love photography then Vijaynagar beach is the place here that would not disappoint you. The picturesque beauty of the destination has been the favorite of nature lovers and photographers.

These are the four main justifications that why heading towards Andaman and Nicobar should be in your travel bucket list. To have the most pleasurable stay there contact an experienced South India tour operator with the complete knowledge of the place.

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Four Places in India for the Perfect Christmas Holidays

Christmas is definitely the time of the year when everyone wants to get the best of relaxations. The holiday time could be well spent at a beautiful destination and this is a reason why people do look in for the perfect holiday gateways during the Christmas break. If you are planning to turn towards India for your perfect Christmas break and then this article would not disappoint you. In order to make your break perfect, we are here with the top four hot and trending destinations in India where you can perfectly spend your Christmas break.

Whether you are traveling with family with your love or with friends, we are sure that the suggestions from our side would not disappoint you. December is though cold in most part of the country but still there are few peaceful places where you can have the perfect break with your loved ones. So, check out the places.

Kerala: Turn towards Kerala in any season or any time of the year the place would never disappoint you. If you truly want to get lost in the beauty o f nature and that too with your loved ones spending perfect holidays then go to Kerala. In India, you would not find any place as beautiful as this. There are special fairs that are organized here during this month of the year, so you would be blessed with goodies surprise during the visit. Reaching the place is so easy, so you may very easily plan and organize your trip. Contacting a reliable Kerala tour operator would solve your purpose.

Goa: Head towards Goa, if you are looking for total fun and leisure on your break. This is definitely the best place in India to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Have the perfect blast of Christmas with your friends, family and loved ones at Goa because no where else in India, you could get the best feeling like in Goa.

Mangalore: Mangalore is an off beat location and perfectly a place where you can have your Christmas break. You can spend your holidays in the beauty of beaches of Bangalore and there cannot be anything more worthy than the place to have the perfect holiday gateway with family and loved ones. The place is much more prominent for it’s scenic beauty, and hence is considered to be a nature lover’s paradise. The blue waters of the Arabian sea, the picturesque hills of the western ghats and the Portuguese influence which can be seen in the red roofed houses, all add to the loveliness of this small town.

Plan your perfect holiday break at any of these places in India and have the best ever Christmas celebration. To avoid the last moment hustle and bustle you should book the complete itinerary in advance contacting reliable south India tour operator.

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Travel Guide for South India Tour

If anyone really wishes to visit the real India then definitely, it is the southern part of the country that he should explore. South India is a peaceful part of the country and a portion of India that attracts the maximum number of visitors and that too throughout the world. As maximum part is coastal area hence it is the weather at the place that becomes the prominent reason for the traveller’s to choose it as their destination spot.

Southern part of India is comparatively safer than the northern portion hence one can unhesitant plan this as his destination for India visit. But, as always said prevention is better than cure and this is a reason why here we are with the travel guide or the safety tips that one should follow while travelling to the souther part of India.

  • You should get vaccinated properly while travelling to south India. As the climate here is hot and humid hence to be at the safest side, it is required that one should get all the precautions done ahead to travel.

  • You should take comprehensive travel insurance while travelling to south India. As there is advanced emergency medical services, your stay would be comfortable and secure here.

  • 112 is the emergency contact number. Other than this, you can dial 100 if you want assistance from cops.

  • As it is very hot and humid in the southern part of India, hence it is much necessary to keep yourself hydrated.

  • You are required to travel with basic travel kit always while your visit to this section of India or any other part of country.

  • Be cautious about the food which is served here. To avoid stomach upset, keep a watch on uncooked fish or the salads that are served here.

  • While wandering in the beaches of the area be cautious as there can be the poo of cows and dogs there.

  • In case, you want to try street food then try having the food which is prepared in front of you.

  • If you are going there for adventure tour then make sure you go with a south India tour operator who is experienced because dealing with a novice would cost your personal safety.

  • If you are wandering in the houseboats here then be careful especially if you are non-swimmer. Though, the houseboats have a good safety record but still you should be cautious and alert from your side always.

Follow the tips that are mentioned above and have a safe and secure stay there. For much better assistance, it would be better to approach a licensed and reliable South India tour operator for the same.

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Top Three Hill Stations of South India for Honeymooning

Souther part of India is a traveller’s paradise. When there is a description of south India then the place is always considered the perfect destination for the love birds. Souther part of India is the first choice of honeymooners and it is because of the most romantic hill stations situated there. These are not only romantic places but their geographical locations also make it convenient for the travellers for being there. Greenery and a stay in the lap of nature, these are the two beautiful things that makes it the first choice.

The hill stations of the area are more beautiful than the northern India hill stations. If you are planning to turn towards the souther part of India this time for your holidays then here is the list of top three hill stations of the place that would definitely mesmerize you and would make your stay the most memorable one.

Coonoor: It is the tea gardens of Coonoor that gives it the perfect shape of a beautiful hill station in the souther part of the country. It is a very famous picnic destination of South India. The multitude gardens of tea and many herbs is something that enhances the beauty of the place to greater extent.

Kodaikanal: The description of south Indian hill station is always incomplete without describing about Kodaikanal. This place is very well recognized as the princess of hill stations throughout the country and this is because of the mesmerizing beauty of the place. The beautiful lilies blooming in the lakes of Kodaikanal is what gives the perfect glimpse of romance and energizes the couples out here for their perfect honeymoon gateway.

Idukki: If you are really looking for something very mesmerizing then turn towards Idukki. This is the perfect place where you can find many sanctuaries, tea gardens and at the mean time national parks as well. For those who are looking for a choice to give the beautiful start to their married life there can be no better choice than this for sure. Spotting the tribes and their lifestyle here is another thing that makes the experience even more mesmerizing. Panoramic view points and the Idukki dam are the main attractions of the place. Elephant safari at the place is definitely something, you should not miss in order to add memories to your trip.

If you are turning towards south India for your next romantic trips then definitely these three are the best choices for you. For your uninterrupted stay take the assistance from a reliable and trusted south India tour operator and experience every bit of it.

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What Are The Three Best November Destinations in India

India is always a traveller’s paradise. There is so much for the travellers to see and explore in India that they never find the dearth of options and choices. Every time is travelling time in India because there is no off-season for travellers. There are travellers who classify their interest based on time and schedule and hence search for the perfect gateway options in that tenure. For those who are looking in and around for holidays in India and that too on the month of November, we are here with the best destinations for them, that would surely not disappoint. Plan your visit amongst these three place on November and welcome the winters in the most mesmerizing manner.

Coorg, Karnataka: If you haven’t been to Kashmir then don’t worry because Coorg is the place which is surely going to give you the same feelings. Situated in the state of Karnataka, this hill station counts as one amongst the most romantic destinations in India. The mesmerizing beauty of the place attracts travellers of all the interest. Whether, honeymooners or family travellers; for everyone it is a perfect choice. The serene beauty and greenery of the place is what makes it the admirable place and considering the weather in November then the cold breeze would favour the travel most.

Hampi, Karnataka: If you want to travel to a place where you can enhance your knowledge along with the perfect holiday time then head towards Hampi. It is located in the amidst of the Vijay Nagar Empire and is counted as one amongst the prominent UNESCO world heritage site. Temples, royal pavilions and platforms, and monuments is what makes it a family holiday choice whereas the rocky and rugged environment invites the adventurous travellers. As the weather on the month of November is quite cool and pleasant hence it is a perfect gateway for the time.

Wayanad, Kerala: In case you are traveller who carries all the travel interest along with and are looking for a complete package where you could find everything and that too specifically on the month of November then head towards, Wayanad, Kerala. This is a hill station which is prominently known for the heart shape lake, pleasant weather and supporting greenery all around. Forest, wildlife and vibrant culture of the place is something that made us to include it in your November travel gateway.

These are the three best recommendations from us. These are the places where you can actually enjoy the cool winter breeze and along with that, can have the stay in the lap of Mother Nature. To have the best travel experience, consulting an experienced tour operator would be the great idea.

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Do’s and Dont’s for Travellers When Visiting India


India is a place which is in the travel bucket list of almost all the wonderer from different part of the world. This is because the country has diversity in its tourism just like its culture. The country provides options and opportunities to all the travellers with different travel interest. Whether it’s honeymooning in India or one is looking for the option of adventure tourism or simply it is admiring the beauty of nature, there is never dearth of options and opportunities for people here. India is a considered to be traveller’s paradise and it is because of the peaceful environment here. The country is full of hospitality and ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’, which means guest is god; is what they believe. If you are travelling to India then definitely it’s a lifetime opportunity for you. Here are few of the tips for do’s and dont’s for you that could make your stay in India comfortable.

# For entering the premises of India, you need a proper visa. So, make sure you have the legal access to be inside the country for a safe and comfortable stay.

# While travelling to India, passengers are advised to have the travel insurance and also insure the valuable against loss and theft.

# Having proper insurance for medi-claim is also required for the travellers.

# While travelling to India, passengers are advised to carry the proper maps of the places and that too in the physical form. Internet would not work in all the places so make sure you have the physical copy. Also, don’t rely too much on the sign boards because at many places they are missing.

# For the safety of women passengers, they are advised not to travel in deserted places specially in the odd hours.

# While entering the religious places in India, make sure you are not wearing shoes. This may hurt the religious sentiments of people here.

# If you are invited for any function at Indian family then make sure that you are wearing proper traditional clothes. If not traditional then your clothe should be decent and not at all inviting.

# Pointing finger on anyone in India is considered to be annoying, hence make sure you do not do this act here.

# Do not encourage beggars because if you will give one soon you will find yourself surrounded by many.

# Do not photograph women in India without their permission.

These are the most important set of instructions while visiting to India. Your Indian tour operator would brief you more in this. Be prepared and learn about the company as much as you can because it would help you in your safe and peaceful stay here.

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