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Do’s and Dont’s for Travellers When Visiting India

Do’s and Dont’s for Travellers When Visiting India


India is a place which is in the travel bucket list of almost all the wonderer from different part of the world. This is because the country has diversity in its tourism just like its culture. The country provides options and opportunities to all the travellers with different travel interest. Whether it’s honeymooning in India or one is looking for the option of adventure tourism or simply it is admiring the beauty of nature, there is never dearth of options and opportunities for people here. India is a considered to be traveller’s paradise and it is because of the peaceful environment here. The country is full of hospitality and ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’, which means guest is god; is what they believe. If you are travelling to India then definitely it’s a lifetime opportunity for you. Here are few of the tips for do’s and dont’s for you that could make your stay in India comfortable.

# For entering the premises of India, you need a proper visa. So, make sure you have the legal access to be inside the country for a safe and comfortable stay.

# While travelling to India, passengers are advised to have the travel insurance and also insure the valuable against loss and theft.

# Having proper insurance for medi-claim is also required for the travellers.

# While travelling to India, passengers are advised to carry the proper maps of the places and that too in the physical form. Internet would not work in all the places so make sure you have the physical copy. Also, don’t rely too much on the sign boards because at many places they are missing.

# For the safety of women passengers, they are advised not to travel in deserted places specially in the odd hours.

# While entering the religious places in India, make sure you are not wearing shoes. This may hurt the religious sentiments of people here.

# If you are invited for any function at Indian family then make sure that you are wearing proper traditional clothes. If not traditional then your clothe should be decent and not at all inviting.

# Pointing finger on anyone in India is considered to be annoying, hence make sure you do not do this act here.

# Do not encourage beggars because if you will give one soon you will find yourself surrounded by many.

# Do not photograph women in India without their permission.

These are the most important set of instructions while visiting to India. Your Indian tour operator would brief you more in this. Be prepared and learn about the company as much as you can because it would help you in your safe and peaceful stay here.

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