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Travel Guide for South India Tour

Travel Guide for South India Tour

If anyone really wishes to visit the real India then definitely, it is the southern part of the country that he should explore. South India is a peaceful part of the country and a portion of India that attracts the maximum number of visitors and that too throughout the world. As maximum part is coastal area hence it is the weather at the place that becomes the prominent reason for the traveller’s to choose it as their destination spot.

Southern part of India is comparatively safer than the northern portion hence one can unhesitant plan this as his destination for India visit. But, as always said prevention is better than cure and this is a reason why here we are with the travel guide or the safety tips that one should follow while travelling to the souther part of India.

  • You should get vaccinated properly while travelling to south India. As the climate here is hot and humid hence to be at the safest side, it is required that one should get all the precautions done ahead to travel.

  • You should take comprehensive travel insurance while travelling to south India. As there is advanced emergency medical services, your stay would be comfortable and secure here.

  • 112 is the emergency contact number. Other than this, you can dial 100 if you want assistance from cops.

  • As it is very hot and humid in the southern part of India, hence it is much necessary to keep yourself hydrated.

  • You are required to travel with basic travel kit always while your visit to this section of India or any other part of country.

  • Be cautious about the food which is served here. To avoid stomach upset, keep a watch on uncooked fish or the salads that are served here.

  • While wandering in the beaches of the area be cautious as there can be the poo of cows and dogs there.

  • In case, you want to try street food then try having the food which is prepared in front of you.

  • If you are going there for adventure tour then make sure you go with a south India tour operator who is experienced because dealing with a novice would cost your personal safety.

  • If you are wandering in the houseboats here then be careful especially if you are non-swimmer. Though, the houseboats have a good safety record but still you should be cautious and alert from your side always.

Follow the tips that are mentioned above and have a safe and secure stay there. For much better assistance, it would be better to approach a licensed and reliable South India tour operator for the same.

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