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Things You Should Never Do in Your Goa Holidays

Things You Should Never Do in Your Goa Holidays

It’s every gang’s dream to visit Goa. The most beautiful place in India known well for its beaches and nightlife is a destination for almost everyone in India and also for the foreigners here. A place which is all meant for fun and pleasure is Goa definitely. Travelers from all around the world turn towards this smallest state of India, to have their best vacation memories. If you are also planning to go to Goa for your vacations then this article is surely something you should read before stepping into this state. We are telling you few things you should not do in Goa during your stay there. We are repeating you should never because doing so could lead you to problems.

Littering: Be a responsible traveler and don’t litter when you are in Goa, this is the rule one of the game. Littering is an offence when you are in Goa, so if you don’t want to put yourself in any trouble then make sure that you do not do this act there.

Carrying Too Much Cash: To remain at the safest side during your fun trip at Goa make sure not to carry valuables with you. Carry the limited amount of cash with you as Goa has many working ATMs to fulfill your need all the time.

Pointing Camera: Goa is a photographer’s paradise, so if you are in Goa then make sure that you capture your personal photo and not the random photos of tourist roaming in and around because it can be an offensive affair here.

Staring: Goa is a place well known for its beaches, so finding beauties in and around Goa is a common affair. But, do not drool over your eyes over such things because staring at Goa can cost you much.

Going Topless: Going topless in public and that too in Goa, if you are thinking that it would work then it is not going to in any case. Don’t try this act because it can also lead you to jail.

Drink and Drive: Don’t think to drink and drive in Goa because this can cost you much. If you really want to have a peaceful stay then try avoiding the driving when you are high.

So, these are few of the best tips from our side that would definitely help you to have the peaceful stay in Goa. Follow the points and have a peaceful ever stay at the place with your gang. Taking the assistance from a reliable south India tour operator would also give the best direction to your travel goals.

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