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8 Tips for the First Time Kerala Visitors

8 Tips for the First Time Kerala Visitors

Kerala is the best place in India to have a romantic vacation. There is no dearth of travel option in the place and more than that, it is the peace of mind that the travelers get here which makes it one of the most tourist hit destination in India. Located in the southern part of India, this state has many things to offers to the travelers. Domestic as well as international travelers find great travel option at the place.

Travelling in Kerala is always a fun chore and more than that great experience that could be cherished for lifetime. But, everything is not as simple as it seems to be. There are things that one has to consider while visiting Kerala. We are here with eight such travel tips that a person is supposed to follow for a safer travel in the state.

Carry Sunscreen: Kerala has a hot and humid place.  The one very important thing that you must not miss in your Kerala trip should be the sunscreen. This will prevent you from having bad travel experience of the place.

Dress Codes: While you are planning to visit Hindu temples in Kerala make sure that you follow the proper guidelines for the same. There are many temples in Kerala where entry to Non-Hindus is not permitted, so you better know about the places before entering.

Best Time: However there is no particular season to be in Kerala and you can be here anytime but still if you want to enjoy the place to the fullest then the time duration from September to March would be best for you.

Outfits: As already told that Kerala has hot and humid temperature hence it would be better for you to carry the cotton outfits to enjoy your stay at the place.  If you are planning to visit the hill stations here then you should carry your outfits accordingly.

Cash: If you are a foreign traveller then you can carry as much cash as you wish. However there is working ATMs in every part of Kerala and you would not find any issue with cash. In consideration with precious jewellery and cash, the minimum you would carry the safer it would be for you.

Hydration: Considering the weather of Kerala, it is very much important to keep yourself hydrated during your travel. You can find packaged drinking water all over the state very easily.

Directions: If you have not hired any local tour operator for Kerala tour then you should be well versed with the direction and maps. Carry the map of place with you and it would be better if you will have the travel android applications to help you better.

Food: Kerala is a place which is known for its spices. So, it would be better for you to check out the food before you order because maybe your tummy could not adjust with the spices.

If this is the first time you are visiting Kerala then you should take the services from a reliable and trustworthy Kerala tour operator who could help you in your concerns. You can better adjust your itinerary through them and enjoy the location.

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