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10 Best Airport Hacks

10 Best Airport Hacks

Airport is the happiest place ever, especially for the travelers. Flying from a place to another in the shortest span of time is possible with flights only. Well, travelling brings fun and pleasure both but this happens when you follow the decorum of the same. Point here is not travelling but point here is travelling safe and happy. It is every traveler’s desire that his trip should end up with memories and moments and not the regrets and mishaps. This is a reason, it is suggested to act smart and travel smartest. In our series of travel tips, we are here suggesting here ten best airport hacks that would surely make your travel convenient and memorable too.

Check Information about Destination Airport Prior: You might be familiar with your home airport but not about the destination airport. It would be an additional benefit for you to explore the city better.

Put Ziploc Bag in Luggage: You should carry Ziploc bag with you in your luggage. This will help in keeping safe the perishable items so that, it may not disturb other things.

Buy Travel Size Items: If you want to avoid the unnecessary problems and unwanted load too then it would be better for you to carry the travel size items. Whether shampoo, toothpaste, soap, or any other thing; having travel pack of the same would be helpful.

Pre Check-In to Avoid Delays: Doing web check-in would help you to save the extra time at airport and hence you would be able to deal with the situations easily and of course would save your time too.

Find Best Seats: Finding seats with extra leg room would help you to enjoy your comfortable journey. You can request the airline staff or get it at some nominal fees too.

Snap Photo of Parking Space: In case you are travelling with your vehicle, then taking a snap of parking space would help you to spot the vehicle while you return back.

Hydrate Yourself: The most important thing for flight journey is that, you should hydrate yourself very well.

Pre-Book Meal: Enjoy your meal at flight and that too at the discounted rates. This you can get by pre-booking your meal.

Weigh Bag at Home to Avoid Extra Charges: You have to pay for the extra Kg’s at airport and hence to avoid the same, it would be great for you to weigh the bag at home.

Secure Your Baggage with Trackers: Airport is the place where there is a higher probability of losing your baggage, hence it is required that you should secure it with trackers so that, you may easily find the same.

These are the most important airport hacks which are presented to you by Rover Holidays. You can contact us for your safe and peaceful holidays in India or anywhere across the world too.

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