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Perfect Summer Vacation Destinations in India with Family

Perfect Summer Vacation Destinations in India with Family

Family time is the most precious time for everyone. Everyone wishes to create the best memories during the stay with family. Everyone is so busy in his life that only the vacation time is considered to be the period of relaxation. Summer vacation is considered the best family time in India, during this period people plan to travel. Deciding on the summer vacation destination is quite a tough business because the climate is harsh in most part of the countries. People they switch to cold places where they can get some sort of relief from the scorching heat.

In this article, we are going to highlight the best summer vacation destinations in India, which could make it the most memorable family time for you. Just check out these places and these places would definitely provide you the pleasure you are looking out for.

Mussoorie- Dehradun: Uttrakhand is the land of beauty. If you want to spend your holidays at a peaceful place where you can spend quality time with your family, then head to Mussoorie. This is a beautiful hill station situated only few kilometers away from Dehradun, which again is a peaceful place for family holidays.

Bhimtaal- Nainitaal: Another destination in Uttrakhand that could provide the complete charm to your holidays is Bhimtaal and Nainitaal. You can head to these destinations to experience the best family time with those who secure the most special position in your heart.

Shimla- Manali: If Uttrakhand is not in your list then head towards the adjacent state Himachal Pradesh. Shimla and Manali are the two destinations that could provide you the ultimate pleasure that you are looking for with your loved ones.

Coorg: Head to Coorg because this is the ultimate place in India which is denoted as the Scotland of the East. You would definitely lose yourself in the beauty of the place and hence could get the best experience of lifetime here.

Kerala: A place known for its serene beauty is Kerala and definitely it is the place where you should head with your beloved family members to have the best and the most memorable time with them.

Sikkim-Darjeeling: In the north eastern part of India there are two destinations that you should never ever miss. For the perfect summer vacations head towards Sikkim and Darjeeling as these two places would provide you what you are exactly looking for.

Head towards, these beautiful and ultimate destinations in India for memorable summer vacations. These places would surely provide the lifetime experience to you and your loved ones.

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