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Who are you: A Tourist or a Traveler?

Who are you: A Tourist or a Traveler?

Are you a wanderer or a tourist? You explore the place to find peace or you find it a fancy way to see the world? You prefer to travel by the road travelled or take the road not taken? What do you think you fall into which category? Are you a tourist or a traveler? Well, you might be a traveler or you can be wanderlust, you can be anything. Depending on the way you are traveling or the way you are dealing with travelling, we are here going to travel you that what is your actual travel status. In the article below, you are really going to find the real difference between a tourist and a traveler and could actually make it out that you fall under which category of the same. It would be really interesting to know about the same and also to find in which category you actually fall.

Selfies or Beautiful Things: So, when you are out for a trip what do you love to capture? If you are in love with self and love clicking selfies wherever you go so that, it may perfectly support your Instagram hashtags or can become a trending post of yours on Facebook then my friend beware because you are a tourist, who is travelling to get fame and not to collect memories. On the other hand, if beautiful things, find more place in your gallery then it means you are a hardcore traveler who loves to see the beauty on the things around and also it depicts that you value the dignity of a place.

Best Hotels or Homestays: While searching for the place to stay at your preferred destination, what you want a five star hotel with full amenities or a comparatively cheap place from where you can stay at the minimum because rest of the time you would be travelling, hence comfort at travelling is not your piece of cake. If you are in the second category then congrats you are a traveler, who just wants to explore the best of a place and ready to make compromises too.

Book Travel in Advance or Travel Unplanned: Who knows about your travelling, when you plan the world in and around you or you yourself don’t know where your feet would stop. A traveler will plan everything or he will make the complete itinerary that includes booking the things, the places to see, the mode of transportation in advance but in the case of a traveler, there is nothing fixed, not even the destination.

Travel to Famous Places or Go with Road Not Taken: How do you make your travel plan, you travel to the famous places or see for the places recommended by people or just want to travel to the offbeat locations which are less travelled or less crowded. If you want to go to the places where people usually go and where you can find many like you then you are definitely a tourist, who wants to explore what others are exploring but in the meantime, if you travel to the less travelled places then definitely you are a traveler.

Comfy Transportation or Local Mode of Travelling: You book your flight, a personal cab to travel to the destination or you like to have those bumpy bus rides because you want to see the place just from the eye of the local. If comfort is your first priority while travelling then you would always be a traveler but in case, you are ready to compromise with your comfort then definitely you are going to get something really very interesting by the end of it and it is called ‘experience’.

Travel with Crew or Alone: If you are afraid of exploring a location alone then you are not a traveler material. You want to surround yourself with your loved ones when you travel then it means that you are a tourist who is afraid to see the place alone. But believe it; once you would travel solo you will fall in love with yourself.

Eat and Drink Like Traveler or Explore Like Local: If you are travelling to mountains or hilly area, what you want to order your favorite cuisines or the food that the locals eat. A traveler would not make any compromise regards to the food but in the meantime, the traveler is eager to eat what the locals eat because he is not going to find that authenticity in taste anywhere else.

Souvenirs or Memories: What you want to carry way back home from your destination souvenirs to show the world or a thing that would always remind you of the place where you have been. If you do like the second one then you are a hardcore traveler who always wishes to look back to memories with a smile.

Enjoy Destination or Enjoy Journey:  This is the last scale to find out whether you are a tourist or a traveler. Why do you travel to enjoy the destination to enjoy your journey? If you want to enjoy your journey by keeping the comfort at a bay then definitely you are a traveler but in case, you travel because you want to explore the place so that you may have stories to tell to the world then you are a tourist my darling.

If in most of the cases mentioned above you follow in the second category then definitely you are a traveler but in case you make it in the first option in most points then don’t lose the mind you are still a tourist. Travelling is for fun and few take it to attain a new experience in life, no matter in whichever category you are falling, you are gaining some experience for your life by the end of it.

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