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6 Reasons Why Kerala is the Best Honeymoon Destination in India

6 Reasons Why Kerala is the Best Honeymoon Destination in India

India is a vivid country. There is no dearth of travel options in the country and when it comes to honeymoon destinations then the country never disappoints the newlyweds with the best options. Now, a very important question is that, amongst all the destinations for honeymoon in India which is the best. Well, as per the research conducted on all the destinations and as per the survey on the travellers, it has been found that Kerala tops the list. It is amongst the best places in India where you can go for a honeymoon.  If you are still in the dilemma that whether you should choose it as the destination to give a kick start to your new married life then below we are mentioning the top reasons that will make you choose the place for the desires. Check out the reasons and definitely, it will make you book your tickets right now.

The Heart Shape Lake in Wayanad:

What all can boost romance in your life more than seeing a heart-shaped lake which is all set to mesmerize you and your partner. It is the highest peak in Wayanad and definitely a place you should never miss to visit. This is not all! Kuruva Island, Meenmutty Waterfalls, Edakkal Caves are at your disposal for fun and enjoyment and even research. Attempt for a stay at the treehouses designed to provide you with insights into the vagaries of nature.

Mesmerizing Waterfall View at Athirappilly:

When nature is there to admire, it will definitely boost up your romance meter. Then get ready for a trip to Athirappilly where you can be comfortable at the tree house resort and enjoy the stunning view of the waterfalls with its deafening roar and rumble, even while swimming in the pool that is face to face with the waterfalls. This choice of yours would be definitely appreciated by your partner.

The Romantic Munnar:

The lustfully green tea gardens at Munnar, sprawling and sparkling in the white mist and sunshine at dawn. What else you need when you are into the romantic side of life with your soul-mate. Munnar is another not-to-be-missed honeymoon destination in Kerala or God’s Own Country as they have pet-named it. Roam through these gardens with greeny touch all around with your beloved and breathe in the tea-blended fragrance in an attempt to cheer up your romantic senses.

Embrace the Nature at Kumarakom:

Also popular as the ‘Lake City’ and ensconced alongside Vembanad, the largest freshwater lake in Kerala, Kumarakom has the ideal setting for a honeymoon escape. Calm and comfortably placed among verdant coconut groves and verdant paddy fields, it is an ideal spot if you and your sweetheart are interested in activities like boating, fishing and watching birds and their idiosyncrasies. Taking a houseboat trip in Kerala backwaters will add a pearl to your strings of love.

Traditional Cottage at Marari Beach:

If you are a beach lover and are seriously looking for a hot destination to start the cute couple relationship. The traditional thatched-roof cottage with a swimming pool inside for your discreet or indiscreet usage will add more petals to the rose of love. That itself provides the much-needed privacy for honeymooners. You can take a bath at your will without bothering about anybody’s intrusion. The shimmering blue waters that lie sprawling for you to swim or dabble about and the cool and open wind, always keen to caress your blushed face, is something mesmerizing for you to see and observe. Adding more to the trip, the romantic sunsets will always add melody to your honeymoon.

If you are really looking for the reasons to visit Kerala, definitely the above-mentioned points will perfectly gear-up your desires. The reasons that we have mentioned makes Kerala the best honeymoon destination in India. And, more than that, it is the budget place for honeymoon travels too. What you are waiting for now? Hire a trusted Kerala tour operator and book your trip to the place now.

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