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Health Precautions to Take While Visiting Kerala

Health Precautions to Take While Visiting Kerala

If you wish that your trip to Kerala should be the safest then definitely you need to give health precautions the top priority. Travelling to Kerala is as safe as travelling to any other place in India but still being casual as a tourist won’t help. Your trip to Kerala should be a guided one if this is the first time you are landing to God’s Own Country. Being cautious about things is always necessary. If at any point in time you will miss the precautions then might be you will be trapped under serious issues. It is always suggested that you should take the services from reliable Kerala tour operator to ensure the things should happen safe and secure during your entire itinerary.

With the threat of Nipah Virus in Kerala, there is a worry in the travellers as to how they are going to make it there during the itinerary or is it safe to travel Kerala now. There is no doubt on this that, health precaution is the most important concern while travelling. Like any other place in the world, Kerala also has some anti-social elements. So, it is better if you take some basic safety measures in Kerala. While in Kerala, health precautions are also a must and should be followed by all tourists. We are here mentioning the guidelines for travellers for a safe visit to Kerala. Keep this health and safety tips for Kerala in mind and enjoy your trip to Kerala to the fullest.


Keep your medical certificates in hand and get your vaccine shots before you come to Kerala. Also, keep your medicines with yourself in case of an emergency. However, you can very easily find medical aid in Kerala because it is one amongst the developed states in India but to be at the safest side always, it is necessary that you have the best preparations from your side.

Don’t Buy Illegal Stuff:

As a travel freak, you may feel like getting the illegal stuff to keep the excitement on for the trip but remember this can also lend you to jail. Avoid purchasing any illegal stuff and invite unnecessary trouble. In case of any doubts, contact the nearest police station.

Don’t Eat Cut Fruits:

Travelling, of course, gives pleasure when you are there as locals but sometimes you have to keep the sophistication on. Avoid eating cut fruits and raw salad from outside. Do not accept food from strangers in trains and while travelling. Eat from a recognized restaurant. Nipah virus is also carried by cut fruits only.

Do Not Drink Water from Outside:

Drinking contaminated water can bring serious health issues. Do not drink water from the roadside. Always carry bottled water. While buying bottled mineral water, check if the seal is intact and check for any leaks in the bottle. Also, crush the plastic water bottles after use so that it may not be used for the second time for refilling.


Kerala having a hot and humid climate is also home to mosquitoes and insects. Prevention prior to these insects and mosquitoes will make your travel safe. Get all your vaccine shots at least 4 weeks before you intend to travel.

Visit Doctor:

In case of a serious illness, visit a doctor as soon as possible. Do not drag along illness or injuries and attend to it at the earliest. Taking any risk while travelling can really be dangerous.

The above-mentioned are the health precautions that you are supposed to follow during your visit to Kerala. To be at the safest side always it is better that you have the best precautions from your side. If you are choosing the services of experienced Kerala tour operator then also you would be informed about the same.

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