Top 6 Tourist Destinations in Munnar

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Unlike the other destinations, Munnar has emerged as an all season destination over years. The deep woods, mountain valleys, greenery, fresh air, wildlife are synonymous to Munnar. The narrow-wavy roads in the valleys , the floating clouds on the top of the mountains, the dams, the boat ride and the pleasant weather makes this place the heaven on earth. While some go to this highest peak for trekking, other go to just cherish the natural beauty of this place. If you are traveling to Munnar, then should know about most visited places of this hill station.

Kundala lake

You can start your Munnar trip with this place. Kundala lake is Asia’s first dam. Here you can spend a good time and even can have a boat ride in the lake. Pedal boating is a fun ride.Surrounded by hills and valleys,this lake is also famous for the Neela kurunji flower which bloom once in twelve years. The near by Echo point is another interesting place, here you can hear the echo of your voice. The mist covered valleys adds more beauty to it.


Pothamedu viewpoint is another tourist destination in Munnar. If you want to get a panoramic view of the green valleys along with the whole Munnar, this is the right place for you. The valleys are full with cardamom, coffee and tea plantation and it is really wonderful. If you are a passionate trekker, a nature lover or a photographer, then you’ll surely fall in love with this place.

Attakul waterfalls

If you are having trip to Munnar, then you just can’t miss the waterfalls. Attakul waterfalls, the moment you hear the name, you can actually feel the unmatched scenic beauty of this place. You can watch the waterfall amidst the hills for hours and hours and still can’t get enough of it. In case you look for a cup of tea while cherishing this beauty of this place, that is also available in near by shops.

Top station

Top station is 40 Km away from Munnar, and to reach here you have to take a long journey,but this place is worth visiting. Most of the time it rains in in this area and the fog covers everything, and you have to be lucky enough to reach this highest altitude of Munnar. If you can get an excellent view of the green valleys, dams from this viewpoint but only if the sky is clear.

Marayoor dolmen

Marayoor Dolmens are another attraction for the tourists. The bamboo forest, sandalwood trees, hills, waterfalls are the wonders of nature and the cave paintings, cave temples and Dolmens take you back to the stone age. Dolmens are made with rock slabs. This serene place used to be the favorite dwelling spot for the sadhus as per popular belief. While traveling to Munnar, you should not miss this place.


And after all these beautiful places , here comes the real gem for trekkers. Annamudi is the highest peak in western ghat and it is situated almost 2695 meter above from the sea level. Not only the trekkers, tourists also want to visit this peak.

Munnar is called the Kashmir of South India and the range of beautiful destinations starting from hills,valleys, dams to the forest actually make this place heavenly. The sound of floating water and the serenity of forests makes an intoxicating combination. Make a plan, set the dates, have a trip to Munnar and keep cherish the lingering memories.

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