Visit Kerala in March

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Now you should visit Kerala, It is the best time of the season to travel as the prices are cheap. Pack your bags and head towards a place where you will find a peace of mind and tranquillity. Plan a short trip to Munnar, the fresh air, pleasant weather, floating clouds over the mountains, narrow valleys carpeted with Tea and Spice plantations will just present solace to your wanderlust soul. The beauty of this place is unmatched and it is easy for you to explore the within 2-3 days.

The serene backwaters of Kerala are among the most popular attractions on Kerala tour package which fascinate the tourists most. Kerala backwaters are a series of brackish lagoons and lakes accompanying the Malabar Coast. Tourists enjoy houseboats in the shallow depths of backwaters. Boat races held during the festive season in Kerala during Onam festivals also a major tourist driven backwater region.




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