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Amazing Things for Couples to Do In Andaman Islands

Amazing Things for Couples to Do In Andaman Islands

Sparkling clear waters, azure sky and emerald fields are just perfect to add romantic stars to your honeymoon. Andaman and Nicobar islands is one such tourist destination that has become a heart-throb destination among many. The place has amazing wildlife and pleasant weather to keep the thrill of your vacation on. Rated as the top romantic destination for honeymooners, a number of tour and travel companies today are offering exciting Andaman honeymoon packages on special discounts and perks. Once you have visited this place, your things-to-do list will not stop. You will have more and more things to do and explore in these amazing islands. Right from water activities, adventurous activities to romantic dinners, the place has in it everything to make your vacation worth it.

Best time to visit Andaman

If honeymoon in Andaman is on your bucket list then you should plan your trip in months from October to April. The place has a tortoise nesting season from December to March, which can be really exciting for you to witness. However, it is always better to avoid visiting at Christmas and New Year time. The popular beaches are likely to be packed on special occasions. So, to spend quality time amidst the silent waters of Andaman, you should prefer visiting in off-festive seasons.

5 Exciting and romantic things to do in Andaman Islands

1. Snorkeling

This is one of the most beautiful things that you should do with your partner during your holidays to Andaman. Snorkeling will bring you the golden chance to explore the marine life of Bay of Bengal. No doubt, you will be left stunned to see the varieties of fishes of plants in the clear waters. The best places to go for snorkeling in Andaman are Red Skin Island, Elephant Beach, Radhanagar Beach and others. The price per session would be within INR 500 per person. So, it’s like exploring the mammoth sea in just a few pennies.

2. Chidiya Tapu Visit

Imagine taking a long walk on the beach, hand in hand with your partner and witnessing the sunset together. Ah! Serene and romantic it would be! Chidiya Tapu, a beach in South Andaman is known for magnificent sunset. The clear skies with those beautiful yellow, orange and red setting rays of the sun is sure to soothe your nerves. Yes, it would be no less than a magic!

3. Parasailing

How about proposing her in the sky? Of course, it is possible. You can definitely try parasailing at Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex in the Andaman. Here, a designed canopy is used to take you across the wind with a parachute on the top. This adventure is done in calm water only, so that there is no possibility of any accident. It will cost you around INR 3,000 per person and will last for maximum 15 minutes.

4. Witness bioluminescence

Have you every witness glowing water at night? If not then you should pay a visit to Havelock Island. Here, it will be a total bliss for you to see glowing water as you row your boat. The water sparkles due to the presence of phytoplankton in it and it looks even more beautiful on no-moon nights. This should be a must do thing in your honeymoon travel package.

5. Glass bottom boating

If you are not up for scuba diving then you should give glass bottom boating a try. Here, you will be taken for a boat ride that has a glass bottom. Yeah, you would be able to enjoy the sight of aquatic life while you are comfortably sitting in the boat. The best location for glass bottom boating are Havelock Island and Dolphin beach. The cost per person would be around INR 3,500.

So, it’s the time of the year when you should start packing and book your flight to Andaman. To explore the enchanting waters of Andaman, you can book your honeymoon travel package with a renowned tour and travel company. You can check out the internet to get to the best travel company and also compare the prices of the top rated companies to land with the most affordable one. You can shortlist a few companies, contact them and ask for their price quotes. Moreover, it is important to check the reputation and quality of services offered by the company, which you can ensure by going through the testimonials of its past customers. If you find any negative reviews then you should avoid hiring that company because the quality services won’t be guaranteed then. You should prefer hiring the company that has positive customer feedbacks, so that you are assured of best services.

Explore Andaman Islands, explore a better world! Happy honeymoon!

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