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Useful Tips to Make Your Family Beach Vacation Safer

Useful Tips to Make Your Family Beach Vacation Safer

Thinking about that one best destination to enjoy your vacation? If yes then you can of think of exploring clean beaches of Andaman & Nicobar Islands. However, when you visit to a beach, you must keep in mind a number of do’s and don’ts. This article discusses the tips and tricks in which you can make your beach vacation with family safer and successful. It will make you aware of the few things that you must do your research on and keep in mind while you are on the beach.

Tips to make your vacation at beach safer

1. Pay heed to the local warnings

When you are at a beach, you must give full attention to the local warnings. You will find the flag based warnings on the beach like, double red flags signify the extreme danger, red flag signify dangerous conditions and warns to stay close to the sea shore, and yellow flag represents moderately dangerously conditions while green flag represent mild ocean conditions. So, if you are a pro at swimming then you can go out in the yellow flag zone while the beginners must reach only the green flag zone.

2. Never mix swimming and alcohol

If you didn’t know this earlier then know it now. When you swim after drinking, you are not able to maintain your balance and coordination. In fact, it can also impair of judgment and that your body can get dehydrated when out on the beach in the sun. You must know that even the insurance companies do not provide when you are drunk over the legal alcohol consumption limit. Thus, it is better to avoid swimming after you have had drinks.

3. Known about drowning

You must know about drowning that it never looks like what you see on television. When you see someone who is drowning waving, know that it’s not waving and that the person is only trying to keep the mouth above water. Also, when you are drowning, you cannot completely stay above the water and you will need help. So, you should know that if you are going to double red or red flag area of the beach, you are in danger. If you will drown, there would be no evidence of a supporting kick.

4. Enquire about wave conditions

You must inquire about the wave conditions on the beach where you are lounging. You can ask the locales there or take an idea of the same from the hotel that you are staying or also from the tour and travel company that you have hired. If you find that the wave conditions are unpredictable and they can strike hard at any time then it is better to remain on the shore.

5. Avoid diving

Since you are unaware of the depth of the pool, you should avoid diving. You must enter with your feet only and do not take chances. If there are rocks under water which you cannot see from outside, you can seriously get hurt. However, if the depth of the water is mentioned somewhere clearly then you can still dive in it.

6. Avoid touching marine life

When you go underwater, make sure that you do not touch anything. It is sure that you will tempted to touch the marine life after seeing such beautiful creatures, but you should avoid touching them. Let them live in their space while you enjoy the serene view.

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So, do not wait any further. Just make your vacations at beach the most memorable trip of your life by keeping in mind all the tips that are discussed above. Also, you must hire the best tour and travel company to get the cheap Andaman packages.

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