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List of Adventurous Activities to Do On Your Kerala Vacation

List of Adventurous Activities to Do On Your Kerala Vacation

No wonder why Kerala is called the God’s Own Country. It is one of the greenest, beautiful and peaceful place that has become a heartthrob among thousands. Not only from India but people from abroad also visit this place to be one with the nature. Right from a comfortable stay, authentic South Indian cuisines to the thrilling adventure, you will get everything on your visit to this heavenly place. For all the adventure freaks, this article lists down some of the most exciting adventures activities that you can try when you visit Kerala to make it a memorable trip. Go through these activities mentioned as under-

Some exciting adventurous activities in Kerala

Water sports

If you love adventures then Kerala is the best place for you. You can here enjoy a number of different water sports activities which includes snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, surfing, parasailing and enjoy the Kerala boat race. The place has the cleanest beaches which will leave you rejuvenated and stress-free. You can plan to visit Kovalam beach and Alaphuzza beach out of many beaches to laze on the sands, play and build castles. No doubt, Kerala promises you to make your vacation full of fin and adventures.

Tree house stay

You don’t have to travel abroad just to enjoy a stay at a tree house. Just visit Kerala for that. Amidst the jaded nature, you will get an opportunity to stay in the peaceful environment. No doubt, the view outside from the house take you to the next level of serenity and tranquility. If you are on a honeymoon then nothing would be better than savoring the romance among the trees and all that greenery around.

Tree climbing

Well, this is again going to be an adventures activity for you. If you have always missed climbing trees since your childhood then here is the time. Use whichever climbing technique that you know and just climb those tall trees that stand high in grace. The best place to do this would be Kumarakom. So, feel the stupendous joy and climb the trees better than how monkeys do.

Swimming in the Arabian Sea

Well, this would be the most exciting adventure for you. If you know swimming then you can definitely take a dive in the Arabian Sea would just be highly refreshing. Or, you can simply bask in the sun on the shores of the sea to calm down your aching nerves. To take a dip here, the ideal time to visit would be from December to March.

Bamboo rafting

If you haven’t tried the bamboo rafting of Kerala yet then here is the right time to do it. For the purpose of bamboo rafting, Periyar Tiger Reserve in Thekkady has been chosen as the ideal location. Here, the eco-tourism program will give you an opportunity to closely watch the nature and feel the richness of it. With this, you will experience the melodious voice of cuckoos and other birds while you are sitting on the bamboo. Different arboreal will be witnessed during rafting and you will have the experience that you have never had before. In fact, you can also go to Wayanad to enjoy the best bamboo rafting.

Mountain climbing

If you have always wished to do the trekking then you can choose Kerala as your next destination for the vacation. Mountain climbing has become one of the most preferred adventure activities for people. The most popular spot for this is Chembra Peak in Wayanad and this is not that easy mountain to climb. It is steep and rough but that’s where the adventure starts. Other good place for mountain climbing are Rajamalai and Eravikulam National Park and Anamudi Peak. So, you can choose the destination according to where you are staying and how far it is from that place.

So, now when you know what all adventurous activities Kerala offers, you should now pack your bags and make a visit to this place. But make sure that you hire only the professional tour operator India to make your trip memorable forever. To hire the best travel agent to avail the most reasonable Kerala tour packages, you can check out its reputation in the market and also read the testimonials of other customers who have already availed the Kerala tour package. If you find all the reviews to be in positive then it is a green flag for the company and you can hire it without any second thoughts. On the other hand, if the reviews are in negative then you have no reason to hire that tour and travel company. See, you have to be smart while hiring the best tour operators. So, hire the best and pay a visit to the land of Kerala that celebrates the nature in its purest forms. Have a happy journey!

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