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Kashmir Tour Packages

Mata Vaishno Devi Yatr...

2 Nights & 3 Days
Roverholidays: Mata Vaishno Devi Yatra Pick up Jammu 2N Katra Drop at Jammu

Kashmir Holiday Packag...

3 Nights & 4 Days
Roverholidays: Kashmir Holiday Package 1N Srinagar 1N Gulmarg 1N Srinagar

Srinagar Tour Package

3 Nights & 4 Days
Roverholidays: Srinagar Tour Package 3N Srinagar (visit Gulmarg & Pahalgam)

Kashmir tourism Packag...

4 Nights & 5 Days
Roverholidays: Kashmir tourism Packages 1N Srinagar 1N Pahalgam 1N Gulmarg 1N Srinagar

Srinagar Pahalgam Gulm...

4 Nights & 5 Days
Roverholidays: Srinagar Pahalgam Gulmarg Tour 1N Srinagar 1N Pahalgam 1N Gulmarg 1N Srinagar

Gulmarg Tour Package

4 Nights & 5 Days
Roverholidays: Gulmarg Tour Package 1N Srinagar 2N Gulmarg 1N Srinagar

Kashmir Honeymoon

5 Nights & 6 Days
Roverholidays: Kashmir Honeymoon 2N Srinagar(Day Excursion Sonmarg) 1N Pahalgam 1N Gulmarg 1N Srinagar

Kashmir Travel Package...

5 Nights & 6 Days
Roverholidays: Kashmir Travel Packages 5N Srinagar (Day Visit Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Sonmarg)

Kashmir Holidays

6 Nights & 7 Days
Roverholidays: Kashmir Holidays 2N Srinagar(Day Excursion Sonmarg) 2N Pahalgam 1N Gulmarg 1N Srinagar

Kashmir Package tour

7 Nights & 8 Days
Roverholidays: Kashmir Package tour 1N Srinagar 2N Pahalgam 2N Gulmarg 2N Srinagar(Day Excursion Sonmarg)

Srinagar To Leh Packag...

9 Nights & 10 Days
Roverholidays: Srinagar To Leh Package 2N Srinagar 1N Kargil 1N Alchi 1N Leh +4

Kashmir and Ladakh Tou...

13 Nights & 14 Days
Roverholidays: Kashmir and Ladakh Tour 1N Srinagar 2N Pahalgam 2N Gulmarg 1N Srinagar +7

Are you planning a trip to Jammu Kashmir Holidays, but do not know a lot about the place that what're the favourite attractions you should see or visit and top things you must do? Then our full Kashmir tour package is the best for you. Rover Holidays provides you with the Kashmir Tour Guide which include top destinations to research, accommodation at best resorts or resort and tasty meals at prices. Go through our list of packages for your Kashmir vacation excursion and research India's most beautiful land. Kashmir is known as the paradise on earth. Everybody knows about it spectacular place even people who've never visited.

Located in the northern head of India, Kashmir lies nestled between the snow-clad green sands that are shining and mountains. Its unparalleled beauty earned it the name of Heaven on Earth'. The gorgeous valleys such as Srinagar, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and Sonmarg create the Kashmir tour deals from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, or Kolkata extremely popular among tourists. And for all those seeking a religious excursion, there's the city of Katra which may be included in the Jammu and Kashmir route. Pay a visit to Srinagar Pahalgam Tour, the eternal beauty of Kashmir, also allow its beguiling landscapes to add memories to the travel to be cherished after.

This is among the dreamlands for the travellers and for people who travel less. It's called paradise on the Earth because of its beauty that contains mountains, forests, rivers, temples, important markets, wildlife along with every other stuff which a tourist could expect. Among the best part to see in Kashmir is the white snow on your Gulmarg Tour Package. And that is something which everybody must see once in a lifetime. We have the widest range of  Srinagar Gulmarg Tour.

Kashmir Tour Planner, If you're searching for a Kashmir excursion, Rover Holidays vacation packages are the right selection for you. Rover Holidays provides the widest range of customizable Kashmir tour to accommodate every kind of traveller from Bangalore, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Vishakapatnam. Explore the primary Kashmir sightseeing points with your loved ones. Whatever your travel preference, Rover Holidays has the right Kashmir holiday tours for you and for your families.

Our Holiday Packages to Kashmir includes so many exciting offers for you at best affordable rates. You will be received and drive to the designated places by our coordinators and accommodation will be done at the best hotels and resorts as per your comforts. After exploring this beautiful and exotic wonderland you will be dropped at the airport to return to your home with lots of cheerful and unforgettable memories. Different types of Kashmir tour packages list are available on our website. Book your Srinagar tour package online as per your comforts and budget and enjoy a wonderful and memorable trip to Kashmir.

Considering your comforts we have designed our Kashmir vacation tours so that even the people who are under time constraints can enjoy the trip on one of the most beautiful places on the earth – Kashmir. We have 3Nights Srinagar package, 4Nights Srinagar Holiday packages. Go through our Kashmir Holiday tour packages list select the best one as per the duration of your trip and budget and explore the paradise on earth to have a beautiful and wonderful trip.

Experience the paradise on earth - Kashmir. Check out our best Kashmir tour deals and book your Holiday in Kashmir today from Rover holidays. We assure you to do your journey comfortable, hassle-free and memorable excursion by providing affordable tour packages. So what're you men waiting for, choose the best package, pack your luggage and get, set go. Treat yourself to Kashmir Honeymoon packages. Whether you are searching for a Honeymoon package in unwind and indulge, particular holidays in Srinagar with family and friends, a visit to your favourite chillout place or a brand new adventure, you have come to the right location.

Relive your life and add a little spice to it with thrilling Kashmir Holiday Travels. Discover Kashmir tourism, travelling at Kashmir Weekend Getaways and its attractions for tourist with Kashmir vacation packages. Explore thrilling Honeymoon packages to Kashmir with Luxury Kashmir holiday packages. Rover Holidays offers great bargains and discount rates on several vacation packages. Don't overlook our best value offers for other vacation destinations around India. Kashmir Honeymoon Package - Get discount on Honeymoon packages for Kashmir Tours & Travel packages at Rover Holidays. We provide customized Kashmir Holiday Travel Packages. Plan a journey to Kashmir and its attractions for tourist with Kashmir Honeymoon Tour.

If you would like to research Kashmir tourist areas, then you should consult the Rover Holidays Kashmir tour packages. Rover Holidays provides the widest coverage of Kashmir tourism areas through an assortment of vacation packages and actions. Explore Kashmir Family Tour Package with your family and friends, stay in quality hotels recommended by Rover Holidays and accepted by Kashmir tourism, and possess a Kashmir excursion. Tourism in Kashmir delivers a wide range of sightseeing and entertainment opportunities. Your favourite Kashmir tourist location would depend on regardless if you're travelling with friends or family along with your vacation, but never fear because Kashmir tourism Packages has something for everyone.

If you're searching for a Kashmir excursion, Rover Holidays Srinagar Vacation Packages are the best choice for you. Rover Holidays provides the widest assortment of customizable Kashmir holiday Itinerary to accommodate every type of traveller out of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai or Bangalore. Choose the best deals in Kashmir with unbeatable offers and discounts. Learn more about the main Kashmir sightseeing points with the variety of experiential tours and actions included in Rover Holidays Kashmir tour Itinerary. Be it a short trip or a long trip, a stay or an adventure vacation, whatever your travel taste, Rover Holidays has the right to Srinagar holiday tours for you to pick from.

Looking to indulge? Do not forget to check our Kashmir Holiday Package that provide the best of resorts and inclusions designed to pamper you on your Srinagar Tour Package. If you would like to know more about Kashmir travelling like the optimum time to visit Kashmir, the way to achieve Kashmir, things to do in Kashmir and so on.

Tour packages to Kashmir include so many deals for you at best cheap prices. You are going to be obtained and drive to the appointed locations from our coordinators and accommodation is going to be done in the best hotels and resorts as per your comfort. After researching this beautiful and enchanting wonderland you'll be dropped in the airport to return to your home with a lot of pleasant and unforgettable memories. Various kinds of Kashmir tour deals list is available on our site. Book your tour package online as per your comfort and spending budget and enjoy the beautiful and unforgettable trip to Kashmir.

Considering your comforts we've designed our Kashmir Package tour, so that the individuals who're under time constraints may enjoy the trip on probably the most beautiful places on the earth - Kashmir. We've got 5Nights Kashmir packages. Go through our Kashmir tour deals list select the best one as per the duration of your journey and budget and learn more about the paradise on earth to make a beautiful and wonderful trip. Our Kashmir Travel packages are specially designed, bearing in mind the needs and demands of the travellers. These packages include an itinerary that was designed to ensure planned and organized vacation.

Consequently, several facilities like sightseeing tours, outdoor activities, accommodation, and transfers, are contained in these packages to offer all kinds of amenities to the travellers that they can enjoy their vacation to the holiday season. Our Kashmir packages offer an assortment of adventures and laid back experiences to help travellers of all age groups and interests appreciate their vacation. Full of natural wonders and cultural heritage with a myriad of history, this beautiful nation is a hotbed of political past that the entire world is aware of. To have the charm and uniqueness of Kashmir, take a tour of its areas, enjoy food, get on trekking of its mountains, marvel in the cosy houseboats, and visit its most famous pilgrimage sites.

Book Kashmir packages with airfare and relish the distinctive charm and delight of the place. You'll come back with a component of amazement, for there's no place like it on this earth! It's a popular saying that Kashmir is the paradise on earth. Shouldn't it be? The natural wonders of the destination make one think of the beauties that the paradise must bear in its bosom. Such a resplendent beauty is present in each corner and cranny of Kashmir, but Kashmir Tourist Places are incredibly popular with regards to its natural bounties. Holiday at Kashmir aren't complete without these places, namely Srinagar, Pahalgam, and Gulmarg. Adding to its pure beauty is the historical, cultural and traditional experience which are quite diverse and vivid. Be it the traditional Kahwa ceremony, the weaving of the pashmina shawls or the culinary delights of a wazwan dinner, the grandeur and vibrancy of the Kashmir tours are incomplete without them adventures.

In the centre of Kashmir, Srinagar welcomes its guests to make their very own paradise on the planet. Srinagar tourism justifies every visit to the town with various shades of the glorious skies mountains, lush landscapes and the banks of River Jhelum. The area is visited by most tourists across the nation. Srinagar is a Sanskrit word where Sri means wealth and Nagar signifies town. Tourism in Srinagar brings to the surface, the internal emotions of a traveller. Srinagar travel guide unfolds the real beauty of the maple trees on the roads that lead to the imperial ice-capped mountains.

The ever-popular Dal Lake that enlivens this town since eternity is what makes Srinagar look exactly like a fantasy. The faces of Kashmir involve never-ending legendary stories that may not be known by a Srinagar travel guide. Hear the Char Chinar, located in the precise middle of the Dal Lake, hum the glorious myths as one floats past them, riding on the beautifully decorated Shikaras. The adventure of staying at the houseboats at Nigeen Lake surely is not going to be overlooked on your Srinagar tour Package. Tourists can refer to any Srinagar tourism guide that mainly lists the praises worthy of Shalimar gardens presenting their best stock of flower beds.

Besides, The Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden, Nishat Garden, Mughal Garden, Chashme Shahi Garden also are known as the significant attraction for tourist here. Along with them, the Badamwari Garden stately flaunts the rich resources too. Shankaracharya Hills which remains one of the lightest preferential sites for tourism in Srinagar.


Tourism in Gulmarg, Gulmarg a mountain station, Located at an altitude of 8, 694 ft. Gulmarg is a popular holiday destination in Kashmir in India and also known as ”The Meadow of Flowers” and also in spring is like that. With pretty views and state, panoramic beauty of the snow-capped mountains, sprinkled with green boundaries weather, and above all, adventure activities like ski, Gulmarg gondola, snow biking, and sledge riding.

Gulmarg is frequently called Switzerland of India. During winters it's famous for Skiing and National level ski contest takes place here. Gulmarg has a beautiful 18 hole green golf course and is greatest at the world. On your Gulmarg Tour Package, your visit to this Ski resort is a must.

Tourism in Gulmarg is enjoyed most during Cable car (Gondola) ride. It is used to ferry the tourists right up to the height of 3090 meters from 2690 meters in the base. A road, 11 Km in length, runs right across the Gulmarg through fine walnut forests with excellent views across the Kashmir Valley with Gulmarg travel guide. Nanga Parbat is observable to the north and Haramukh and Sunset Peak to the south-east. The meadow of flowers Gulmarg is in the form of a bowl, it's 3.5 km in length and 1 Km wide. It includes grassy slopes, with a scattering of houses which can be observed in Gulmarg tourism guide. The bowl is encircled by fir clad hills, and in the distance are snow-covered peaks.


Tourism in Pahalgam, Probably the most crucial, and of the most beautiful as well, Pahalgam Kashmir is a must-visit place to go for anybody visiting Kashmir along with other nearby destinations. Located at an elevation of 2, 470 meters above sea level, Pahalgam travel guide,  is home to some exotic flora and fauna, from the rare and much-valued saffron strands to the huge musk deer. It's a good place to visit with buddies, family or solo, since it's something or the other to offer everyone from shopaholics to nature enthusiasts, from thrill-seekers to those looking for peace! When speaking about Pahalgam sightseeing, there are so many available options, regardless of your interests.

From rolling meadows which are covered in wildflowers in the summers and soft snow in the winters to placid rivers that invite a round of paddle boating, from views of lofty glaciers to local markets full of little charms that visitors take home as warm reminders of a trip that went well. Pahalgam tourism is on nature, the places to see here in that regard include the Over Aru Wildlife Sanctuary, where wildlife can be observed up close and personal. Spot the brown bear, musk deer, wild rabbits, owls, lemurs and birds of different species. This was a hunting ground for many years, for the kings and after that the British.

It had been later turned into a small, but a beautiful bio reserve to be able to defend the swiftly dwindling fauna there. On the trip to Pahalgam, travellers love to spend some time spent in the lap of nature in one of the sublimely beautiful valleys in Pahalgam. Tourism in Pahalgam includes a visit to Aru Valley and Betaab Valley are where individuals head to first. Aru Valley is portrayed tall meadows, dense forests and winding streams, dotted with glacial mountains, while Betaab Valley, the site of several Hindi films, is portrayed by wildflowers and rolling hills till as far as the eyes can see. Lolab Valley, a slight far from Pahalgam, is also a good place to visit for feasting the eyes on myriad shades of green.

Pahalgam has full of good commuting options like ponies, taxicab and shared vehicles for tourists and locals. Ponies are available in registered agencies, but taxicab and common vehicles are available in most tourist spots. Pahalgam tour Package, The town centre of Pahalgam is a good place to look for accommodation as it may be treated as the main hub of all sightseeing trips. There are so many restaurants here that serve authentic Kashmiri cuisine as well as other popular dishes. The local market is also right in the heart of the city, providing easy access to every day needs as well as souvenirs. Tourists love to splurge on handicrafts on a trip to Pahalgam, from superb donga jewellery to figurines made of walnut wood, from authentic pashmina shawls to Kashmiri kahwa, from delicately woven carpets to traditional, fragrant spices.