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About Us, About Rover Holidays

Rover Holiday Pvt. Ltd. is a leading name amid the trustworthy top tour operators in India. In case you have not heard of us, a quick read of this page will tell you all that there is to know regarding us. We are recognized and approved by Government of India, Dept. of tourism and excels in creating trip preparation a easy walk for you.

It is not an easy job to earn the repute of Best tour operators in India. But, with our outstanding tour services, we have not only earned the much deserved status but have also made it up to abroad.

In case you imagine of getting your trip designed by somebody else or want someone more trustworthy than friends and relatives, then you can merely trust Rover Holiday Pvt. Ltd.

After all, our par excellence in serving our clients gets better with time. With more than 18 years of experience, RHPL is known to give amazing suggestions to suit what you want. For this reason also, we enjoy the repute of best tour operators of India.

Have the benefit of the liberty to fully personalize your holidays and trips. Or else, we can do it for you keeping in mind your preference and your tastes.

Want to know more about us? Well, our participation in various travel exhibition marts has made us best tour organizers in India. Whether traveling in a group or solo, we promise you options that will simply enthralled you. A wide range of travel solutions offered by Rover Holiday are commendable and the tour guides are phenomenal at their work!

Not only this, we have tie-up with the far-reaching number of hotels and resorts spread all across India.

Thus, you will never have a trouble hunting for accommodation, no matter where you are traveling to. If not this, then we have another reason for you should be trusting and choose us.

We are an allied member of the Indian Association of Tour Operator (IATO), Association of Domestic Tour operator of India (ADTOI) and also Kerala Travel Mart (KTM)