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City Palace Udaipur

City Palace Udaipur

City Palace, Udaipur

If you are thinking about attractions to see and explore in Udaipur then the first name comes is none other than the grand, historical and elegant City Palace. Situated on the eastern banks of the picturesque Lake Pichola, this palatial palace houses several architecturally beautiful palaces within its complex. The grand and historical City Palace Complex in Udaipur was built over a period of around 400 years with contributions from several rulers and rajas of the Mewar dynasty. The construction of the palace complex commissioned by Maharana Udai Singh II of the Sisodia Rajput clan, when he shifted his capital from the erstwhile Chittor or Chittorgarh to the newly found city of Udaipur.

Constructed in a fusion of stunning Rajasthani and Mughal architectural styles, this grand and historical Palace Complex has been one of the most visited and sought after tourist destinations in Udaipur and Rajasthan. It is considered the largest palace complex of its type in the state of Rajasthan, India. Built atop a hill on the bank of picturesque Lake Pichola this beautiful palace complex overlooks panoramic vistas of Lake Pichola and several historical monuments like Lake Palace, Jag Mandir Palace, Jagdish Temple, Sajjan Garh Palace (Monsoon Palace), and Neemach Mata Temple. All these attractions are in the vicinity of the palace complex.

Constructed entirely in granite and marble, he City Palace Complex consists of a series of beautiful palaces. The interiors of the palace complex with their balconies, towers, and cupolas are intricately decorated with delicate marble-work, mirror-work, silver-work, inlay-work, colored glass leftovers, murals, and wall paintings. You can see a wonderful vista of the lake from the upper terraces of the City Palace Complex. Badi Mahal (the Great Palace), Dilkhush Mahal (the Palace of Joy or the Palace of Heart’s Delight), Fateh Prakash Palace, Manak Mahal, Sheesh Mahal (the Palace of Mirrors), Rang Bhawan, and Shiv Niwas Palace are some of prominent palaces within the complex. The Fatehprakash Palace and the Shiv Niwas Palace have been converted into heritage hotels providing excellent accommodation facilities to guests.

There are several gateways providing access to the palace complex. The main entrance gateway is the Bara Pol or the Great Gate. Tripolia Gate (a triple arched gate) and Toran Pol also popular gateways to the palace complex. Apart from the beautiful gateways and a series of elegant palaces, there are several other structures and attractions within the complex which will amaze you. Some other attractions within the complex include Amar Vilas (the uppermost court inside the complex), Bhim Vilas (a gallery of a collection of beautiful miniature paintings depicting the real-life stories of Radha Krishna), Chini Chitrashala (Chinese Art Place that depicts Chinese and Dutch decorative tiles), Choti Chitrashali (the Residence of Small Pictures that has beautiful pictures of peacocks), Durbar Hall (a venue of official functions located within Fatehprakash Palace), Krishna Vilas (a chamber that has a rich collection of miniature paintings portraying royal belongings, festivals and games of the Maharanas), Laxmi Vilas Chowk (an art gallery with a unique collection of Mewar paintings), Mor Chowk (the Peacock Square, an integral part to the inner courts of the palace), and Museum (a part of the City Palace and Zenana Mahal, converted into museum). The City Palace Museum is open for public.

Exploring the grand and historical City Palace Complex will provide you a wonderful tourism experience to cherish for lifetime. The architectural beauty of structures and palaces within the complex will never fail to lure you.