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Do Your Research

India is a vast country. There are numerous travel destinations catering to different interests of travelers. Pick the right route, right tour package. There are manifold India tour packages and different travel routes to choose from. Choose the right travel circuit that caters to your interest.

For instance, if you have interest in wildlife tourism then pick the right circuit that covers prominent wildlife destinations or wildlife sanctuaries of India. If you have interest in culture and heritage then choose from right tour packages that covers some of the best heritage sites of India. Golden triangle tour would be a right travel circuit especially for those culture vultures who coming to India for first time.

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Book the tour package from reliable and reputed tour operator.

Keep care of dress senses
Dress yourself as per the culture of the destination where you are going to. If you are planning to visit Rajasthan then you should opt for traditional dresses to avoid unwanted attentions. However, you can opt for western dresses in places like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Goa. It is recommended that you should opt for Indian clothes because they are light, comfortable, inexpensive and appropriate to Indian climate.
Other Important Tips for Travelers

     1.   Use map or google map to know your route.
     2.   Read history of the destination which you are going to explore.
     3.   Make extra copies of your documents. Cross check it for any wrong information.
     4.   Keep your Passport safe, As misplacing it would invite trouble for yourself.
     5.   Pack and keep necessary items in your travel bag.
     6.   Have your phone and charger.
     7.   Get travel insurance.
     8.   Be patient, be respectful.
     9.   Eat healthy, stay healthy.
     10. Stay alert, stay safe.
     11. Keep travel-first-aid-kit.
     12. Book your hotels in advance.
     13. Wear sunscreen to avoid sunburn.